A week and a half into the festival and fatigue is setting in for some. I for one felt weary as I showed up for Vive Le Cabaret, but I’m thrilled to report that this show is the shot of adrenaline that’s guaranteed to improve any fringe-goers’ evening. Marvellously compered by vivacious ukulele-strumming panda-in-drag Des O’Connor, the cabaret plays host to the best the festival has to offer.

From the expertly expressed hip-hop verses of Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer to the hysterically pared-down comic stylings of Norman Lovett, each night is different but always fabulously eclectic. Who knows what delights you’ll discover - perhaps burlesque chavette Kiki Kaboom, or the mind-blowing musical bric-a-brac of Sxip Shirley. Either way, get a drink in you and you’ll have an utterly glorious evening. That’s not to say the show would be boring without a bevvie, but this is cabaret, darling, so make sure you enter into the spirit of it. No fun-loving person could fail to be enchanted by this astonishing display of talent.

- Miranda Fay Thomas