Last week was the best start we could have asked for! The Lincoln Company is having a fantastic year at the Fringe thanks to our dedicated "flyerers" (that's all of us!) and the great audiences we've had.

A sellout for Secret Window today following a good review (three stars!) and a partial standing ovation for Blood Brothers.

My favourite thing about the festival is definitely the learning experience. From a good responsive audience it is easy for an actor to discover which of his or her techniques work well and which don't, and in intimate spaces like C Too and C Soco in which the Lincoln Company perform, it is a simple thing just to glean a reaction.

I bought a gorgeous Fringe T-shirt from the official shop on the Royal Mile today. Their selection of merchandise is fun and colourful and well worth a look.

New Edinburgh Fringe tip for performers though: there are signs up in the dressing rooms in most if not all of the venues warning performers to keep their valuables safe and out of reach of thieves. This is for a reason. There ARE people around who, due simply to their own selfishness, will think nothing about picking up a phone or rooting through a purse and just walking out. It has happened. Today. I recommend keeping valuables backstage or handing them to your stage manager during a show.