The classic movie Singin’ in the Rain was transformed in to a stage version starring Tommy Steele at the London Palladium several years ago, since then various stage versions have emerged and now we a new touring version of the classic tale.


The story revolves around Don Lockwood (Tim Flavin) and Lina Lamont (Amy Griffiths) who are Hollywood’s favourite couple, they seem to have it all, looks, talent and fame, they are the stars of the silent movie era. Lina adores Don, however her love is not reciprocated and then to cap it all Don meets and falls head over heels in love with Kathy Selden (Jessica Punch) an aspiring Broadway actress.


Kathy’s initial reaction to Don’s advances are rather negative, and at one point she actually throws a cake at him, which he manages to avoid, but it hits Lina and from then on Lina despises Kathy, which complicates things somewhat.


Don persists with his advances towards Kathy and concentrates on winning her over, which of course he eventually does. But as a star of the silent screen no one has ever been brave enough to tell Lina her voice is not suitable for talkies, so Don risks everything by dubbing Kathy’ voice on to Lina’s in their first talking movie.


Cosmo Brown is Don’s comical best buddy, and the ‘good egg’ in the story. Graeme Henderson as Cosmo Brown gives an outstanding performance and outshines the other dancers, which as choreographer is no surprise.


"Broadway Melody" stood out from the other well known musical numbers which litter this score, as it was a great routine with brightly coloured costumes.


This production keeps the feel good factor of the musical that we have come to know from the classic film and while it may be not contain the scenery or props from earlier theatrical versions, the energetic cast keep things moving along nicely.


The finale allowed the audience a chance to participate, ensuring everyone went home happy, no matter what the weather.

Hollie Smith