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Photos: Pryce rules in Attenborough's King Lear

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Production photos have been released for the Almeida's forthcoming production of King Lear, directed by Michael Attenborough.

Starring Jonathan Pryce as as the vain King Lear in the production that forms part of the World Shakespeare Festival, which is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of the London 2012 festival.

As Lear asks each of his daughters to profess their love for him, he is flattered by the false hyperbole of Regan and Goneril. When his youngest daughter, Cordelia, confesses to love him simply as a daughter should, his pride is dented and he casts her out of his kingdom. Too late to realise his mistake, and forced from power by his offspring, an increasingly impotent and frail Lear descends into madness.

Starring alongside Pryce are stars including Ben Dilloway (King of France) Phoebe Fox (Cordelia), Andrew Nolan (Burgundy) and Clive Wood (Gloucester).

All photos by Keith Pattison.

Ben Dilloway (King of France), Jonathan Pryce (King Lear), Phoebe Fox (Cordelia), Andrew Nolan (Burgundy), Clive Wood (Gloucester)

Ian Gelder (Kent) and Jonathan Pryce (King Lear)

Chook Sibtain (Cornwall), Jenny Jules (Regan), Jonathan Pryce (King Lear), Zoe Waites (Goneril) and Richard Hope (Albany)

Jonathan Pryce as King Lear in his madness

Jonathan Pryce as King Lear and Phoebe Fox as Cordelia


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