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Craig & Jackman Struggle to Stay Steady???

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Another mobile phone scandal has rocked the world of theatre - this time involving Hollywood stars Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.

The actors, best known for their respective film characters James Bond and Wolverine, were interrupted during a recent performance of A Steady Rain on Broadway (See The Goss, 14 Sep 2009) by the persistent ringing of an audience member's phone.

Rather than take the Richard Griffiths approach and order the offending audience member out of the theatre, the two stars stayed in character and sarcastically suggested she answer the call. "I don’t care, grab it. Grab your phone, it doesn't matter", said Jackman in his character's Chicago drawl. “Come on, just turn it off unless you got a better story, you want to get up and tell your story?” he added, before Craig threw in a few ad-libbed lines of his own.

The whole incident, which took place during a preview performance last Wednesday (23 September), was ironically being filmed by an audience member on their mobile phone, and was later posted on celebrity website TMZ and YouTube. A comment accompanying the video on YouTube reads: "Wolverine and James Bond are not to be messed with, especially when they're doing the whole acting thing."


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