About This Show

Alice is gravely sick, and her son Lewis tries desperately hard to deal with the knowledge that he is losing his mother so young. If only there was one last adventure they could both go on . . ? With the arrival of The Aged Man, it appears Wonderland needs their help once more to protect it from the Darkness. With all of your favourite familiar faces (Hatter, Chesh, Hare, the Red Queen) along with a few new ones (Crow, Pat and Bill), LOOKING GLASS takes you on the road of continued madness until it’s final destination. And this time, it is very VERY final.

LOOKING GLASS, this Halloween: All the lights go out.

Show Details

Running Time: 2hr 0min (0 intermissions)
Dates: Opening Night: 27 October 2022 Final Performance: 29 October 2022