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One of the undoubted highlights of the theatrical year in 2022, Kim Brandstrup’s Minotaur returns fresh from the coup of featuring at the world’s greatest arts festival, the Edinburgh International Festival, in a new double bill paired with a brand new work, both exploring mythological sources. The idea of metamorphosis harbours human dreams of magical transformation and divine intervention – yet ideal resolution is always hindered by human shortcomings and sobering reality. Minotaur recounts the story of Ariadne, her love of Theseus, the death of her brother the Minotaur and her abandonment by her lover. In the depth of her despair the gods intervene and Dionysus carries her away to otherworldly safety and bliss. In Apuleius’ Metamorphosis Psyche is allowed to meet her lover, Cupid, only in the dark. In three nocturnal encounters they circle each other in the dreamlike shelter of darkness – but ultimately have to face the light – and each other.Ustinov Studio. Part of the Deborah Warner Season

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Dates: First Preview: 29 January 2024 Opening Night: 31 January 2024 Final Performance: 10 February 2024


Kim Brandstrup Choreographer