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West End Prima Facie with Jodie Comer partners with Schools Consent Project

The show will be driving awareness around the topic of consent

Playwright Suzie Miller, performer Jodie Comer and director Justin Martin
Playwright Suzie Miller, performer Jodie Comer and director Justin Martin
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The West End production of Prima Facie has unveiled a new partnership to promote and discuss issues of consent in schools.

Over the course of the show's run at the Harold Pinter Theatre, the production will collaborate with the Schools Consent Project, giving away free tickets to ten partner school groups and providing ancillary support to attendees. Furthermore, the production will be donating and raising money for the Project.

Founder and former barrister Kate Parker commented: "The Schools Consent Project is delighted to be partnering with Jodie, James and the whole Prima Facie team during its two-month run at the Harold Pinter Theatre. The play shines a critical spotlight on the themes of consent, the criminal justice system and the female experience – topics we discuss daily with young people in classrooms across the country in our lawyer-led workshops on consent.

"The production is radical for a West End stage, as is its willingness to have a wider community reach. We are very excited about the impact of this partnership on the behaviour and thinking of the young people we work with."

The Schools Consent Project works by sending professionals into secondary schools to educate around themes of consent, while also normalising conversations around the topic amongst young people.

Comer said: "The Schools Consent Project is something that I wish had been available to my friends and me growing up. It's crucial that we include younger people in this important conversation. It's an honour to be able to partner with this great initiative."

Jodie Comer in Prima Facie
Jodie Comer in Prima Facie

Composer Rebecca Lucy Taylor, also known by stage name Self Esteem, commented: "I often get asked how can it change? What can be done. An us vs them mentality is pointless. The system is instilled from birth and the only way to make real long lasting change that isn't born out of fear or force is education.

"The complicity of women in our ‘behaving' goes hand in hand with the entitlement given to and encouraged in men. If I had been taught in school to even slightly ask for more my life would have played out differently. I am thrilled to support and work with this charity and find a way to effect change together."

Producer James Bierman added: "All of us involved in Prima Facie are honoured to be able to highlight and support the essential and brilliant work that Kate and her team at The Schools Consent Project do up and down the country. To try and change the horrific levels of sexual assault we have in this country we have to change the way we as a society see and talk about consent. By educating young people the Schools Consent Project team are making the future a better place."

Prima Facie begins performances on 15 April at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

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