Theatregoers of the Week: 'If you're visiting London, you have to go to the theatre'

WhatsOnStage hit the streets to find out more about West End punters.

Our theatregoers of the week
Judith and Michael Harvey

At WhatsOnStage, we know that the audiences are the lifeblood of the theatre world. Without you all, where on earth would we be? Intrepid theatregoers trek from all over the world to see shows up and down this fair isle.

But who are you all, where are you going and where have you come from? We decided to discover just that by hitting the streets to find our theatregoer of the week. It’s a little introduction to some of the people who are buying tickets.

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Meet our first theatregoers of the week, who we bumped into in central London.

What're your names?
Judith and Michael Harvey

Where are you from?
We're over from Canada to soak in the theatre scene here in London

How old are you?
We don't want to say publicly…but let's settle for mid-60s!

What do you do for a living?
We're semi retired so we like to travel a lot, we love coming to the UK for the theatre.

What are you hoping to see today?
Either a comedy or musicals, we're just seeing what's on offer and deciding from there.

What's the best show you've ever seen?
The best things we've seen are in Ontario, well, I guess we've seen a lot that we've loved but The Book of Mormon has to be the best.

How often do you go to the theatre?
We like to see touring productions in Toronto, but don't get there as much as we want to! Though when we come over here we have to go to the theatre. It's compulsory.

What got you into theatre?
Michael: It was comedies that got me into theatre, definitely in Stratford (Ontario not Avon!) in particular.
Judith: My first one was the one with the mask…hmmm…oh yeah The Phantom of the Opera. I just loved it.

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