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Samantha Barks: My album is a journey of everything I am about

Samantha Barks talks Bear Grylls, performing at the Oscars and what we can expect from her new album

Your new self titled album is released on 10th June. Can you tell us what to expect?

It is a musical journey of everything I am about. There are a few musical theatre songs, such as "On My Own" and "As Long As He Needs Me", that are personal to me but with the genre slightly flipped giving each a different meaning which I enjoyed recording. There are also some original tracks including my first single, "Troublemaker", which I think incorporates all the musical genres that have influenced me along the way.

Do you have any particular influences that you drew upon when making the album?

My influences come from all kinds of music genres. When I was growing up I mainly listened to musical theatre and Buddy Holly and all '60s music, in my teens I moved on to pop and country and then in adult life I have fallen in love with jazz music so I wanted my album to incorporate all those influences in a way that flowed together.

You are also about to embark on a nationwide tour beginning June 8th – could you tell us a bit about what you will be performing?

I will be performing all the songs on my album plus some extra songs that I have fallen in love with on the way but couldn't fit on the album. That's been the hardest part of making the album: there are SO many amazing songs out there but not enough space on the album to fit them all in!

How does the recording process compare to live performance? Do you prefer one or the other?

Recording live is a fairly new thing for me but a learning process I have loved! You can be so intimate and soft and explore those areas of your voice that would be lost on stage.

It seems like you have had some amazing experiences in your career so far – do you have any particular favourite moments?

For me singing at the Oscars will always stand out as a special moment in my life. It's something I never thought I would be able to say I have done. Standing on a stage looking at so many of your idols is a very crazy experience!

What was it really like on Bear Grylls: Mission Survive ?

It was MUCH harder than it looked! I always watched those shows and wanted to scream at the TV because people would miss such obvious ideas, but when you are in there with no food and you have slept for two hours that night and also done the most physical tasks you have ever done it is very different. But I still sat watching the TV thinking to myself how could I miss that it seems so obvious!

Is it right that you are working on some film projects? Are you able to tell us a bit about those?

I can talk about my most recent film; it's called Interlude in Prague. It’s about Mozart’s experience when he came to Prague to write Don Giovanni. I play Josefa Duchek who was his friend and muse. It was a really big challenge to train in opera. I have such respect for opera singers and to be even seeing a snippet into their lives made me respect them even more.

Your career has taken you to some far flung destinations – is there anywhere in the world that you particularly love to perform?

I would love to perform in New York! There are always so many exciting shows and gigs going on there.

Do you have any tips for anyone trying to make it in the industry?

It's important to try not to ride the wave of emotions that come with the job. Don't let yourself dwell on failure and don't believe your own hype. Keep a level head and keep your focus in front of you not on the past.

Where can fans find details about your new album and forthcoming tour?

All the details are on my website www.samanthabarks.co.uk

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