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RSC announces The Comedy of Errors role share as Naomi Sheldon joins company

‘This way of working feels very hopeful for working mothers in this industry’

Naomi Sheldon and Hedydd Dylan
Naomi Sheldon and Hedydd Dylan
© Right: Phil Sharp

The RSC has announced the casting for its upcoming tour and Barbican run of The Comedy of Errors.

In a much-needed practical approach that should be adopted across the stage community, Naomi Sheldon (Good Girl) will role-share the part of Adrianne with Hedydd Dylan, who will leave the production in order to have a child at the end of November.

Sheldon said today: "I'm thrilled to be returning to the RSC in their production of The Comedy of Errors, and honoured to be sharing the role with Hedydd Dylan. Playing Adriana as pregnant not only has personal poignancy for me as a new mother of twins, but also adds new complexity and comedy to the role which this production explores so richly.

"I'm delighted to be job sharing with a mother to be, and this way of working feels very hopeful for working mothers in this industry. The company have been hugely welcoming and I can't wait to get started on tour, before heading to the Barbican this winter."

Opening earlier this year at the RSC's bespoke outdoor Garden Theatre, the piece is directed by Phillip Breen, with design by Max Jones, lighting by Tina MacHugh, music by Paddy Cunneen, sound by Dyfan Jones, movement by Charlotte Broom and fights by Renny  Krupinski.

The company also includes Toyin Ayedun-Alase (Courtesan), Jonathan Broadbent (Dromio of Syracuse), Antony Bunsee (Egeon), Alfred Clay (Dr Pinch), William Grint (2nd Merchant), Greg Haiste (Dromio of Ephesus), Avita Jay (Luciana), Zoe Lambert (Aemelia), Guy Lewis (Antipholus of Syracuse), Dyfrig Morris (2nd Merchant Bodyguard), Baker Mukasa (Angelo), Patrick Osborne (Balthasar), Rowan Polonski (Antipholus of Ephesus) Nicholas Prasad (Duke Solinus), Riad Richie (1st Merchant) and Sarah Seggari (Luce).

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