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Protestors disrupt Les Misérables performance by ‘locking themselves to West End stage’

The protest song in Les Mis was disrupted… by a protest

Credit: Johan Persson
Credit: Johan Persson

Just Stop Oil protestors entered the stage at Les Misérables this evening, disrupting the performance.

In a video released by the activist group, flag-waving individuals entered the stage area and halted the show, with technical staff ushering the cast off the Sondheim Theatre stage. One punter reached up and grabbed a flag from a protestor, with those climbing onto the stage using flexible bike locks to chain themselves to the set.

Just Stop Oil explained the motivations of those on stage: “Hanan, a student, took action because the UK Government, by approving new oil and gas has shown total disregard for their wellbeing… Noah, a theatre lover, took action because he knows there’s no future for the arts if society fails under the pressures of climate collapse.”

The safety curtain then came down – you can watch the video below.

A statement is expected from the production.

The event comes weeks after Sadler’s Wells saw a performance disrupted in a similar fashion.