Podcast: Moira Buffini and Indhu Rubasingham at Handbagged Q&A

Listen to the latest Q&A from our Outing to ”Handbagged” at the Tricycle Theatre

Stella Gonet and Fenella Woolgar in Handbagged
Stella Gonet and Fenella Woolgar in Handbagged
©Tristram Kenton

Last night we took theatregoers to see Moira Buffini's Handbagged at the Tricyle Theatre.

Part of Indhu Rubasingham's third season as artistic director of the Kilburn venue and based on Buffini's critically-acclaimed short play from Women, Power & Politics. it brings two of Britain's strongest women, the Queen and Margaret Thatcher to the stage.

Starring Fenella Woolgar, Stella Gonet, Marion Bailey and Claire Holman, Handbagged runs at the Tricycle Theatre until 16 November.

Following the play we were joined for a post-show Q&A by Moira Muffini and Indhu Rubasingham, who discussed the origins of the play and the issues contained within it.

To listen to the Q&A, which was hosted by Theo Bosanquet, click the ‘play’ button below (we advise you to turn the volume up); or visit our Mixcloud page.