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New two-theatre venue to open in west London this year

Light City is months away from opening

An artist's impression of Light City
An artist's impression of Light City

A new venue, part of the Troubadour brand of theatres, will open in west London.

As detailed in a planning application, first covered in The Stage, the new "Light City" theatre is a few hundred metres from where the former "White City" theatre was based before the pandemic.

The new venue, which will re-utilise the structures from White City, will feature two auditoria as well as an exhibit space and food hall. The venue is set to be on its current site for a decade, though Troubadour are keen to emphasise that "many elements have been built in that would be expected from a more permanent building structure – specifically when it comes to facilities to those with disabilities, large and high-quality front of house facilities and good toilets provision for the theatregoers."

The venue is promising to host "world-class, popular, ambitious and diverse productions" and "allow artists to make work that couldn't happen
anywhere else". One theatre will have a capacity of up to 2000, with another of up to 1000. There will also be a rooftop bar and restaurant.

According to the original application, the venue has a planned opening date set for April 2022, though no productions have been unveiled as of yet (we have heard some fun rumblings however).

Another Troubadour venue in Wembley was recently home to the National Theatre production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

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