My kingdom for a hose – Michael Gambon used to start water fights at the National Theatre

The actor’s passing was announced earlier today

Left: Dan Wooller, right: Philip Vile
Left: Dan Wooller, right: Philip Vile

A huge outpouring of grief for the veteran actor Michael Gambon came following the announcement of his death today.

But one thing became clear – Gambon was also a huge fan of practical jokes and pranks. One video from the set of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban saw actor Daniel Radcliffe embarrassed by a fart machine Gambon had rigged up during one of his scenes.

A new story has now emerged from actor Rufus Jones, who stated that Gambon also had a penchant for soaking actors with hoses at the National Theatre. It all started when Gambon took umbridge with those smoking out of dressing room windows at the central London venue (where he was a frequent performer), and drew water pistols as a result. Later, as the water combats escalated, Gambon even rigged up a hose, as evidenced in the photo Jones linked below.

As it turns out, water fights at the National might not have been uncommon, as actor Alistair Petrie went on to tweet (below). Actor Aaron Neil also elaborated: “I was there at the time but the picture credit is Elliot Levey. I cannot think of any picture that better captures the glorious chaos gremlin he was. We were so lucky.”