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Martin Sherman's Rose starring Maureen Lipman to be broadcast on Sky Arts Freeview Channel

The broadcast will mark Holocaust Memorial Day

Mauren Lipman
Mauren Lipman
© Channel Eighty8

The hit production of Martin Sherman's Rose starring Maureen Lipman will be shown on Sky Arts later this month.

Presented on Wednesday 27 January (Holocaust Memorial Day) at 10pm, the piece is directed by Scott Le Crass (Kicked in the Sh*tter).

Sherman's play, which first premiered at the National Theatre in 1999 where it was performed by Olympia Dukakis, follows Jewish woman Rose as she begins her life in a 1920s Russian village. Over time she travels across the globe, visiting the likes of Warsaw, Atlantic City, Arizona and Miami.

The production will also then be available on BroadwayHD for virtual subscribers.

Produced by Thomas Hopkins and Michael Quinn of Ginger Quiff Media, Hope Mill Theatre and Guy Chapman, the piece has music by David Cullen and video by Xylo Films.

It was initial recorded across summer 2020 with lockdown restrictions in place.

Hopkins said: "We're thrilled to bring Rose back, fittingly on Holocaust Memorial Day, which serves as a timely reminder of the plight of a generation.Maureen Lipman embodies the story, and we can't wait for a wider audience to experience this ‘tour de force' performance on both Sky Arts and BroadwayHD."

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