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Groan Ups West End Mischief Theatre cast announced

The new piece by the company behind ”The Play That Goes Wrong” finds its cast

Bryony Corrigan, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields
Bryony Corrigan, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields
© Dan Wooller

Full casting has been announced for the upcoming production of Groan Ups, Mischief Theatre's latest comedy.

The show runs at the Vaudeville Theatre in the West End from 20 September to 1 December and will star Bryony Corrigan as Chemise/Miss Murray, Dave Hearn as Paul, Henry Lewis as Spencer, Charlie Russell as Katie, Jonathan Sayer as Simon, Henry Shields as Archie and Nancy Zamit as Moon.

The cast is completed by George Haynes, Krystal Dockery and Holly Sumpton and the performers play both unruly kids at school and adults,

Two of Mischief's other shows, The Play That Goes Wrong and The Comedy About A Bank Robbery, are both currently running in the West End, with The Comedy About A Bank Robbery touring the UK.

The show is part of Mischief's West End residency, which also includes Magic Goes Wrong with Penn and Teller.