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First Date musical with Samantha Barks and Simon Lipkin to be added to BroadwayHD

Samantha Barks stars in the show

Simon Lipkin and Samantha Barks in First Date
Simon Lipkin and Samantha Barks in First Date
Austin Winsberg, Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner's First Dates will be streamed on BroadwayHD in time for Valentine's Day.

The recorded show, which stars Samantha Barks (Casey), Oscar Conlon-Morrey (Man #2), Rufus Kampa (Young Aaron), Simon Lipkin (Aaron), Nicholas McLean (Man #1), and Danielle Steers (Woman #1), was filmed at Crazy Coqs last autumn.

It has direction and videography by Dean Johnson, musical supervision by Adam Hoskins and direction by Josh Winstone.

The musical has book by Winsberg, music and lyrics by Zachary and Weiner and was first seen on Broadway in 2013. The show is about two singletons in New York who have been set up on a date that goes from a disaster to a delightful evening.

The show will arrive on 12 February worldwide. You can watch Barks perform a number from the piece here:

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