David Cameron reacts to 'walk on part' in The Audience

The Prime Minister has revealed his thoughts on his portrayal in Peter Morgan’s play

Rufus Wright as Cameron in 2013
Rufus Wright as Cameron in 2013
© Johan Persson

There has been sadly little discussion of arts and culture from any of the party leaders in the run-up to tomorrow's general election.

However, in a recent interview Prime Minister David Cameron did give his reaction to seeing himself portrayed on stage in Peter Morgan's award-winning play The Audience.

Cameron, who saw the previous production starring Helen Mirren as opposed to the revival with Kristin Scott Thomas, told the Metro he was initially unimpressed by what he saw.

"My character came on and did this very strange walk, and the whole audience fell about laughing," he said. "I turned to Samantha and said 'well, I don't walk anything like that', and she went 'actually darling you do,' and I realised that I have quite a deliberate walk."

However, Cameron wasn't entirely unimpressed. "The man who played me [Rufus Wright in 2013, Mark Dexter in 2015] was very good with my hand gestures," he added.

Morgan's play, which is directed by Stephen Daldry, imagines The Queen's weekly audiences with Prime Ministers from Churchill to the present day. Cameron didn't reveal whether he felt the sessions were accurately portrayed.

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