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Corrie's Ian Puleston Davis supports new play, Watching Goldfish Suffocate

Vertigo Theatre Productions are set to stage David Degiorgio’s play about Manic Depression which has already attracted support from Ian Puleston Davis (Owen in ”Coronation Street”).

Watching Goldfish Suffocate written by David Degiorgio and directed by Craig Hepworth is set to run at Taurus in Manchester from 13 – 16 August.

Ian Puleston Davis with the cast
Ian Puleston Davis with the cast
© Craig Hepworth

The play is based David's experiences last year, when he was diagnosed with Manic Depression, Heightened Anxiety and Psychosis. The play has already attracted the attention of people like Ian Puleston Davies who plays Owen in Coronation Street, as he is living with OCD, and has been been helping Vertigo promote the play.

David Degiorgio always wanted to be an actor, it was his passion, he met the team at Vertigo who cast him in two plays. He blossomed and received great reviews and got offers of work, catching the eyes of casting directors on the scene. However he turned everything down, he quit his job, he cut himself off from people and began a terrifying descent in to a place that would ultimately see him hospitalised for 3 weeks.

From believing he could help world peace to becoming fascinated by his house mate's goldfish, David nearly lost everything. Watching Goldfish Suffocate features David in the lead role, recreating a year in his life that would see him go from an up and coming actor with the world at his feet to contemplating suicide.

The cast also includes Richard Allen, David Edward Lock, and Celine Constantinides.