Cirque Alfonse at the Edinburgh Fringe: a week in the life

The French Canadian circus company return to the Edinburgh Fringe

The cast of Tabarnak
The cast of Tabarnak
© Guillaume Morin

In our review of Cirque Alfonse's new show Tabarnak, we described the piece as "not just circus as it should be, but circus as it hasn't been". Performing out on the Edinburgh Meadows as part of the Underbelly Circus Hub, we asked the French-Canadian company to give us a look backstage at what they've been up to as the Edinburgh Festival progresses.

Setting the stained glass

CA: "Loading in the show and setting up the lighting in The Lafayette Big Top at The Underbelly Circus Hub."

Puttin' on the meadow

CA: "Playing pitch and putt golf on the Meadows on the first day off of the Fringe!"

Making warm-ups fun for all

CA: "Arthur, son of performers Julie and Johnathan, helps the cast warm up before the show."

Family friends

CA: "The Tabarnak cast and Johnny, the child of one of the performers from UniverSoul Circus, who made friends with Cirque Alfonse boys Jules and Arthur."

How to have fun flyering

CA: "The boys from Tabarnak go flyering on rollerskates…and no trousers!"

Changing room prep

CA: "The cast get into costume before the show goes up!"

The future of circus is bright

CA: "Young Arthur trains for a future circus career as he stands on 2 people's shoulders!"

The coolest parenting ever

CA: "Genevieve Morin warms up while her 6-month-old daughter Mafelda plays underneath with Jules."

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