Chivaree Circus' Becoming Shades: a week in the life

The show runs for eight weeks at the Vault Festival

Chivaree Circus
Chivaree Circus
© Vault Festival

The Vault Festival kicked off on Wednesday, seeing some of the boldest and most innovative new work in London hosted in the subterranean caverns underneath Waterloo train station.

One of the tentpole shows of this year's festival is Chivaree Circus' Becoming Shades, a reimagining of the tale of Penelope with live music and a variety of acrobatic acts. The show had a limited run at the festival last year, and now returns to the same spot for an eight week run. We caught up with the cast of the show to see how they're getting on in the final weeks of rehearsals, as well as their move into the Vaults.

The Lost Soul on the pole

CC: "Strength and skill by Anna McDonnell, the Lost Soul."

Canine companionship

CC: "Cerberus, the three-headed dog by Jessica Pearce, Rosie Bartley and Isobel Midnight."

Quick consultation

CC: "Director Laurane Marchive and associate director Bronagh Lagan discussing audience movement in the space."

Love on high

CC: "Hades and Persephone rehearsing their love duet, Lost Soul rehearsing her solo scene, with bonus Fury socks in the background."

Throwing shade in rehearsal, Chivaree style

CC: "Persephone becoming the Queen of Shades."

DIY time

CC: "Producer Ilai Szpiezak in his new outfit helping paint during the get in."

Surreal selfie: check

CC: "Casual selfie with Charon, two Furies, director Laurane Marchive and producer Edward Gosling."

Lift off!

CC: "A glimpse into the fire aerial hoop during the tech rehearsal!"

Becoming Shades runs at Vault festival until 18 March.