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Channing Tatum announces open call for Magic Mike Live auditionees

Do you have what it takes to be a part of ”Magic Mike”?

Channing Tatum with the Britain's Got Talent cast of Magic Mike Live
Channing Tatum with the Britain's Got Talent cast of Magic Mike Live
© Dave Benett

Channing Tatum announced today that Magic Mike Live will be holding auditions for the London cast of the hit show.

Tatum took to social media to announce the plans, unveiling the casting website and guidelines for auditionees.

The production is looking for male and female performers for an open-ended run, with auditions being held in the UK (at Pineapple Dance Studios), France (at Studio Bleu 20ème) and Germany (at the On Stage Training Center in Hamburg).

The London auditions, which begin on 25 June, will have an open call for male dancers with the casting process lasting the full week. Casting is by David Grindrod associates.

Conceived and co-directed by Tatum, the live show opened in Vegas last year and sees audience members (aged 18 and up) enter Magic Mike's mythical nightclub, Club Domina, for a show that features strip and dance routines entwined with one-of-a-kind acts.

Magic Mike Live in London is co-directed by Tatum and Alison Faulk, with choreography by Faulk, Teresa Espinosa and Luke Broadlick. It has design by Rachel O'Toole, Rob Bissinger and Anita LaScala, costume by Marina Toybina, lighting by Philip Gladwell and video design by Luke Halls. Musical supervisor is Jack Rayner, with sound by Nick Kourtides. Aerial choreography and apparatus design is by Dreya Weber.