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Casting confirmed for Mischief Movie Night In

The improvised show will be live streamed from Riverside Studios

The cast of Mischief Movie Night
The cast of Mischief Movie Night
© Pamela Raith

Casting has been announced for Mischief Movie Night In, which will be streamed live from 1 July to 1 August 2021.

The improvised show, which sees the cast create a new 'movie' every performance, will play to a strictly limited studio audience at London's Riverside Studios.

The cast will include Mike Bodie as Need to Check, Joshua Elliott as TBC, Dave Hearn as No Idea, Harry Kershaw as Couldn't Tell You, Henry Lewis as Not Sure, Niall Ransome as Guess Who, Charlie Russell as Don't Know Yet, Jonathan Sayer as ???, Lauren Shearing as Who Knows, Henry Shields as I Suppose We'll Find Out and Nancy Zamit as Wait and See.

They will be joined by musicians Richard Baker, Yshani Perinpanayagam and Ed Zanders.

This new run will include Sequel Sunday on 18 July and a Trilogy Day on 31 July.

Mischief Movie Night In is created by Mischief. Lighting design is by David Howe. It's produced by Kenny Wax Ltd, Stage Presence Ltd and Mischief Theatre Ltd.

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