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Royal Court to live stream its empty auditorium from 7.30pm tonight

The idea was created by Hester Collingworth

The Royal Court Theatre
© Ungry Young Man (flickr, CC BY 2.0)

London's Royal Court will be launching a new streaming project tonight – beaming out its empty auditorium to the public.

The idea, created by Hester Chillingworth, will see the uninhabited stage presented online, with the video punctuated occasionally by witty audio messages. Though according to the venue, "more often, there will be silence." It is unknown how long Chillingworth's performance installation will run for.

The venue's artistic director's Vicky Featherstone said: "Hester approached us a few weeks ago with this beautiful idea, an offering, somewhere to think and to look at our empty space. The challenge ahead for us all is immense – theatre and places where people gather to share stories and be entertained are at risk long into the future. The unity we feel when we clap every Thursday is what makes us human and feel alive. Hester is giving us a new space at this time to be in. We don't know how long it will go on for…"

You can find out more here.