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Overheard at the theatre – even more of the funniest comments by audience members

Hilarity in the auditorium!

The West End
© Alex Wood

Earlier this week we shared a raft of funny audience comments – and as it turns out you have them in spades too!

We've created a whole new list here based on your replies.

- "I was working on a production of Waiting For Godot at Salisbury Playhouse in the Studio and during the interval I overheard a lady say to her companion " He won't come you know, his names not in the programme".

- "I was at The Witches of Eastwick musical and during the interval woman behind us was on the phone telling someone she was at Wicked."

- Hairspray with Michael Ball as Edna. Lady overheard saying that Michael hadn't been on yet. Followed by a very loud 'What ! That's him in a dress'".

- "When seeing Jesus Christ Superstar, the lady behind me asked ‘Well I can't believe he hasn't brought his coat of many colours out yet..."

- "When I was in front row for Aspects of Love and the lady next to me complained to management that the "man in front spoilt it by standing up and waving his arms". He was the musical director..."

- Customer at The Lion King: Hello, I'm here to see A View from the Bridge
- Front of House: Sorry sir, The Lion King has been playing here for 15 years.
- Customer: But my tickets say the Lyceum Theatre
- FOH: Sir your tickets are for the Lyceum Theatre on Broadway. 

- Another customer to front of house at The Lion King: 'What is this show about?'
 - Front of house: It's like Hamlet but with lions. 
- Customer: Well now you've ruined it for me because I know the father dies. 

- "I might be cheating as this was outside the theatre. I took my mum, who had dementia, to see The Sound of Music, she absolutely loved the show and sang along all the way through. When we got outside and just climbing into my husband's car who had come to fetch us she looked up at the front of the theatre and read the sign saying The Sound of Music and she said "omg I love that show we must go to see it!". I brought a brochure from then on to remind her what she'd been to see. How I miss her so!"