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Netflix releases cut "Green Green Dress" scene from tick, tick...Boom!

The hit musical is available to watch now

Andrew Garfield and Alexandra Shipp

Since Lin-Manuel Miranda's film adaptation of the Jonathan Larson musical Tick, Tick...Boom! was released, superfans have been mourning a glaring absence in the score. The flirty up-tempo number "Green Green Dress" was relegated to background music – and even if that atmosphere-setting remix was performed by the indelible Joshua Henry, its original duet form has been sorely missed.

Fortunately, Miranda never fails to give the people what they want. The song may not have worked for the flow of the film, but that doesn't mean Andrew Garfield and Alexandra Shipp's most elaborate dance routine should just sit on the cutting room floor.

At long last, it's time to unwrap the "Green Green Dress":