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James Corden calls for streaming platforms to help support the arts

The WhatsOnStage Award-winning actor has called for more help from online entertainment to safeguard the creative industries

James Corden in One Man, Two Guvnors
© Dan Wooller for WhatsOnStage

Award-winning actor and presenter James Corden (One Man, Two Guvnors, The History Boys) has called for streaming platforms to help support theatres.

Talking to "The Big Ticket", created by Variety and iHeart, Corden confessed that the situation with the arts "is genuinely keeping [him] up at night".

Corden, who has twice hosted the Tony Awards, added: "I worry about the theatre. I worry about the bounce-back that I hope it can have and when that can happen and how it can happen and if it can."

The actor also admitted that the stage was instrumental to his life's successes: "My entire career started with doing musicals in the West End or plays at the National Theatre that I was very fortunate that they would come to New York."

Corden called on the "Amazons and the Apples" to help shore up the industry, citing how Netflix has also donated thousands to Sam Mendes' theatre support fund. Given that streaming platforms have been raking in the cash during Covid, it seems only fair that they give back in kind: "if you look at price shares [of] streamers and all those things — I think some acknowledgement of the volume of arts and artists that have come from that environment, I think it would be really in their best interests to try and support theatre in that way."

The WhatsOnStage Award winner is also concerned about the government funding package and how it can help individuals – "does that money trickle down to the freelancers? Does it go to the trombone player working on Wicked? That's where the worry is."

Corden is set to star in The Prom musical film next, set to debut on Netflix later this year (though dates are to be confirmed). Corden says that, unlike some cast members, he hasn't had to go back and re-shoot any moments for the upcoming feature since lockdown.

"It was without question the most joyful time in my working life. It was just joyful. Any day you get to work with Meryl Streep is the best day of your life."

"The general consensus seems to be that we've made a good film. It's a big, funny, fun film about something. If I could go back and live one day again it'd be one of the 25 days from that shoot''.

You can listen to the full interview below: