How stagey are you? Simon Lipkin vs Jon Robyns

Our theatrical battles return following the first season in which Drew McOnie was crowned King of Staginess

Simon Lipkin

Simon's theatre credits include Assassins, I Can't Sing, Rock of Ages and Avenue Q.

He was most recently seen in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change at the Arts Theatre, London.

Jon Robyns

Jon's stage credits include Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and Avenue Q.

He is currently appearing in Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

What was the last show you went to see?

I went to see Grand Hotel at Southwark Playhouse. I had a friend playing the lead and sat with the producer and musical supervisor by the sound desk!… location and company gets extra points right? 1 [Name dropping gets you…. everywhere]

Les Miserables. About two months ago. Had to catch it before cast change as my friend was leaving. 0 [Two months ago?]

How many cast recordings do you own? Which is your favourite?

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I want to beat Robyns.

I have a 7ft high, 4ft wide shelving unit that is top to bottom full of them, hundreds upon hundreds, I bought so much from dress circle I literally don't understand how my single purchases didn't keep the shop open.

I can't hit shuffle on my phone without being ridiculed, many people can vouch for that. 2 [We want one of these in WOS HQ]

Lots. Maybe 40. My favourite would be a toss up between The Last 5 Years and Once. 1

What is the stagiest picture on your phone?

Jamie Muscato doing the Dirty Dancing lift with me?! 1

The curtain call at a charity show. Many a happy face in the worlds stageist selfie. 2 [Bonus point for the stagiest picture we’ve ever seen]

(L-R: Jon Robyns, Lee Mead, Niall Sheehy, Michael Xavier, Louise Dearman, Ben Forster, Oliver Tompsett, John Owen-Jones, Killian Donnelly.)

How many times have you seen ”Wicked”?

Four times. The original cast on Broadway, twice in London, and does sitting in the orchestra pit with the orchestrator on Broadway count as seeing it? I can never tell… 1

Five. 1

Who would you invite to a dinner party (dead or alive)?

I'm going with Mel Brooks, Sammy Davis Jr for funny stories and tap dances. Then let's throw in Liza because… well it's Liza. Also Mila Kunis, that's not stagey, I'd just like to meet Mila Kunis. 1

Mark Rylance, Megan Mullally, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Robin Williams and my wife.1

Who is the most famous person in your phone contacts?

My mum. She's the most famous person in my life. But I also have Catherine Tate and Adam Garcia.

Ps. Jon you can't use Oscar winner Bobby Lopez as we both have him! 1

Elaine Paige. 1

Have you ever had your photo taken by Darren Bell?

Yes I have, not one of his sexy portraits though, it was during a gala performance for charity. Charity work gets extra points right? 1 [In life yes, not in this quiz.]

Yes. Production photos for Great British Musicals, whilst in a clinch with Louise Dearman. 1

What is the stagiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

The set for Assassins was an abandoned fair ground with a massive clowns head. When Stephen came to… sorry, when Sondheim came to visit, he walked into the set and said 'Send in the Clowns' – we all laughed heartily!


Dinner (at Joe Allens) with Idina Menzel, Taye Diggs, Adam Pascal and Josh Groban post Chess in Concert, discussing Rent. 2 [BIGGER CLANG]

What is your earliest theatrical memory?

I performed in a Sunday show with the little theatre school I was with at the Palladium when I was like 11. I had a solo and I sung "Dedicated Follower of Fashion". Why I'm not in Sunny Afternoon I'll never know?! 1

Seeing Chas & Dave in concert in 1987. Rabbit. 0 [There ‘Ain’t No Pleasing Us’]

What do you like to do after a show?

I usually just hang out with all the other cool cast members of the hit West End shows. Kick back at the Groucho and… ahh who am I kidding? I like to go home drink tea, eat cake and listen to show tunes. 0

Go home and straight to bed. 0

And the winner is…


Full marks for Lipkin as he sneaks in for the win in the first stagey battle. His 'Wall of Showtunes' sounds epic (pics please Simon).


An impressive turnout from Robyns, whose celebrity pals earn him some big points. But true stagey people couldn't go two months without a trip to the theatre.

Next week: Cassie Compton vs Marc Elliott

Stagey League Table

1. Simon Lipkin

10 points

2. Jon Robyns

9 points