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Bridgerton musical created by Tiktok user

Let's face it, this was sort of inevitable – but the results are pretty listenable

Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne
© Netflix

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Culture Plus Time = Musical Adaptation.

Social media platform TikTok has certainly fuelled this process, with a recent Ratatouille musical, which started its life on the app, amassing a large following and, following a virtual concert, raising almost two million dollars for charity.

So we move onto today's hype. TikToker (we assume that's the term) and singer Abigail Barlow has created a new musical based on Shonda Rhymes' Netflix series Bridgerton – which follows the socially and romantically turbulent lives of a family living in Regency era London.

Bridgerton already has a rocking cast of stage pros (including some musical theatre vets) – as we've laid out in this article. So perhaps the chances of this TV series heading to the stage aren't as far-fetched as you might expect.

Of course – original musicals not based on cult TV series are also really rather excellent and nothing beats the thrill of seeing an entirely new piece of work being brought to life – so be sure to check out a variety of new musicals being streamed across the web. Public Domain, presented via Southwark Playhouse this weekend, was a blast. A variety of shows will also finally be given a lease of life when venues reopen – we've provided a round-up of those here.

Barlow has penned the likes of "Daphne's Song" (following the eldest daughter of the titular Bridgerton family) as well as a duet "Burn For You". Thus far, Barlow's work has had millions of TikTok plays – it really is kicking off.

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We've embedded some of the numbers below.

Update: Cinderella, Heathers and Les Misérables star Carrie Hope Fletcher has provided a rendition of Penelope Featherington's number. The prospect of Abigail Barlow's show coming to the stage is getting all that much weightier. You can watch her performance below.


Ignore the terrible queens English ##IsThisAvailable ##fyp

original sound - Abigail Barlow


I'm pitchy but I'm having too much fun writing this ##IsThisAvailable ##fyp

original sound - Abigail Barlow



original sound - Abigail Barlow


What kind of song should I write next? Let me know in the comments ##bridgertonmusical ##fyp

original sound - Abigail Barlow


#duet with @abigailbarlowww Thought I'd give this a go. I want Bridgerton the musical to be a thing SO BAD!

original sound - Abigail Barlow