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Five Reasons to See ... Shakespeare's Monkeys

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The sketch show Shakespeare's Monkeys rests on the assumptions that two monkeys at a typewriter will eventually, by chance, end up typing Shakespeare's works. Comedy duo The Under Dogs present the bits that never made it to the stage. Shae Kuehlmann and Kate Roxburgh give you five reasons to see their show.

1. Shakespearean Tragedies are a laugh a minute
When you put two monkeys in a room they will invariably come up with some ridiculous version of Shakespeare. Whilst the comedies have there own charm, it’s the tragedies that really light the comic fire. Macbeth with Spoons, 5 minute TV dinner with Lear on the Couch and a Witch Fund 70’s PowerPoint meeting – these monkeys where definitely a little ahead of their time.

2. It's Free!
As apart of the awesome Laughing Horse free fringe you don’t have to pay! But if you love it and want to slip a tenner in the pot, feel free…

3. We are professionals?!
Luckily, we are not total hacks and met whilst performing real proper Shakespeare on tour in Hollywood. But out of the wonderful American interpretation of Shakespeare and a rather glamorous interpretive dance routine we formed The Under Dogs and wrote Shakespeare’s Monkeys.

4. You might actually learn something
Although a little surreal you will actually come across a lot of text, characters and situations that you will surely remember from your school days. And to all the die hard Shakespeare fans well, we hope you love it cause we are die hard fans too!

5. And finally the Blood
We tried to stick with the wonderful gruesomeness of Shakespeare and add a bit of blood and dismembered body parts to spice things up. Well... its not real blood or body parts - just some dog toys and Barbie dolls that have been disemboweled and covered in red paint!

Shakespeare's Monkeys runs at Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters at 12.15 from 7-28 August (excl Saturdays).


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