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Five Reasons to See ... Mary Blandy's Gallows Tree

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Mary Blandy's Gallows Tree marks the premiere of Lita Doolan's one-woman show. Mary Blandy, has been convicted of murder and is spending the last hours of her life in a small cell, awaiting her midday hanging. But can she prove that she is innocent? Here, Lita explains why she thinks you should come see the show.

1) Relive the morning of April 6th 1752 during this lifetime through the eyes of a Henley maiden, now suddenly orphaned and imprisoned.

2) Dodge the midday sun by hearing about how a hot blooded Lothian Recruiting Officer undid Mary Blandy during her last August. The Honourable Captain Cranstoun was baptised in Crailing and represents and lesser told piece of Scottish History. He helped defeat the Jacobites for King George in the battle by Old Saint Paul’s Church.

3) Experience a venue situated on a location that is no stranger to the noose. Edinburgh’s Grassmarket is a site where many Scottish Covenanters swung to their death. The original Martyr’s Cross from the hanging site is now safely kept in the city’s Old Saint Paul’s Church.

4) Glimpse the height of style of the Georgian season as displayed through a black bombazine dress. The coat dress was fitted to all the ladies of good taste in the 1750’s. Bombazine being a fabric traditionally hand woven.

5) Mary Blandy, 31 year old spinster, sits alone in her cell and awaits company. Her cause has been steadily growing less popular as her well wishers drop off. Her published letters become desperate and have been used to script this historical monologue. Find out if you would count yourself a supporter of her plea for innocence and her claim that her lover made her do it.

Mary Blandy's Gallows Tree runs at the Sweet Grassmarket from 4-12 August at 11.00.


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