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Five Reasons to See … Magicians! Behind the Magic!!

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Richard Crawley and Alex Swift, otherwise known as Dupont and Fabuloso, are the creators and performers of Magicians! Behind the Magic!! A charmingly riotous tale of spangly leggings, French accents and bad hair, the show runs at Just the Tonic at The Caves, from 5 to 29 August at 12.00 noon. Here are there five reasons to see the show:

1. Laugh

Come and sit in a darkened room where everyone is smiling and grinning and guffawing. Maybe even have a little cry? You know, in a good way. Slap your neighbour’s thigh in a moment of delighted, uninhibited appreciation and start something beautiful…

2. Be uplifted, charmed, and frankly, made a little happier

There’s a lot of cynicism at the festival. Magicians! offers you something to believe in. Funny, charming, grotesque and a tad rude, this will make you feel better about being in the world. And if you don’t come we will have to start pushing old ladies over in the street. That’s not nice. But it is funny.

3. Look at men with lovely thighs, dressed in lycra

We really do have lovely thighs. Thighs are for everyone, people, get involved.

4. You are interested in hair and want to see what a good wig can do for a man

We’re not saying your hair isn’t lovely. It is. But have you ever thought about what a synthetic coiffure could do for you? Ladies, you’ll be amazed at the shine on inflammable locks; gentlemen, we can guarantee increased interest from the opposite (or same) sex. Hey, it worked for us. Fabuloso had a girlfriend for fifteen whole minutes.

5. Cultural one-upmanship

You’re at a post Edinburgh dinner party; there’s a lull in conversation; someone has dropped in a cultural titbit with which you’re unfamiliar. You grope for something to show the other guests how cool you are, someone who really has their finger on the pulse – ‘Actually I saw this great little show in Edinburgh when I happened to be passing through in between a seminar with Alain de Botton and Arcade Fire’s secret gig in a well…’ you’ll start, casually, and the rest will be history. You saw them before they were on the BBC. The buzz starts here.


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