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Edinburgh Moment: How To Cope When Watching an Awful Show

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The comedy sketch trio Who is Jean? have previously worked together with Simon Pegg on their Empire 2011 DISS shortlisted film. They are now back to their live comedy routes with Go the Distance and group member Clarisse Loughrey shares some Fringe advice.

So that traditional Swedish mute opera you chose to see isn’t quite working out for you? That comedian who had the amazing flyer and charmed you on the Royal Mile now turns out to be lecturing you on the New World Order and accusing every other audience member of being a reptilian? What to do? The most important thing to do is not to walk out. Not only will that draw attention to yourself and make you a possible victim of insults/bad jokes/voodoo curses, but the Fringe is all about embracing both the good and the bad. Think about it this way: if you walked out now, you might miss the single maddest moment in this year’s Fringe. If the show’s already this bad, who’s to say that suddenly a giant paper-maché giraffe won’t burst through the curtains and sing a rendition of Petula Clark’s “Downtown”, while men and women dressed as significant figures from the Cold War dance seductively around it? The beauty of the Fringe is that the only limits are the human imagination, and that pretty much means anything and everything is possible. So, instead of trying to plan your escape route, just sit back, embrace the stupidity, and look forward to telling your friends that you were lucky enough to see the worst show on the Fringe. Or just play Angry Birds on your iPhone.

Who is Jean? Go the Distance is on from the 6-27 (excl 17 & 24) at 16.45 at The Bashee Labyrinth.


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