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Brief Encounter With ... Pasha Kovalev & Katya Virshilas

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Pasha Kovalev and Katya Virshilas, from Strictly Come Dancing, are preparing for a new theatre tour.

This will take them all over the UK and will involve local dancers at each venue, as well as the chance to dance with them. Full details can be found on their website.

How is the Strictly tour going?
Pasha: It’s going very well, the energy from the audience keeps us going

Do you all get on when touring
Pasha and Katya: Yes we all do

Do the comments from the judges keep changing?
Katya: Yes, although their own characters come through, the comments do change.

Is being on tour less competitive than TV?
Katya: Its more competitive, but in a fun way.

Is changing partners as you have done from TV (Dan Lobb) to Robbie Savage on tour difficult?
Katya: Its not difficult and I have built a great working relationship with Robbie, we text all the time. 

Was working and choreographing Antonio Banderas a challenge?
Katya: I was only 19 at the time so it was challenging, but we respected each other professional and worked together very well

As you tour do all the dancers and celebrities get on together?
Pasha: Absolutely! We all get alone very well

You worked on American Dance shows prior to Strictly, do they differ much?
Pasha: Yes they do, American audiences are warm while U.K. audiences are just brilliant. But the audiences in Japan and Korea just go nuts

Which is your favourite style of dancing
Pasha: Latin, which I have done for the past 24 years, although I like them all

Do you have time for hobbies and watching films?
Pasha: No time at all, as the current schedule is so tight

What is next after your tour?
Pasha: Hopefully a holiday and more Strictly
Katya: Yoga and planning my wedding and hopefully more Strictly!

What is the new show your are both appearing in all about?
Pasha: Its something both of us wanted to do, there will be dance, fun, questions, competitions and a question and answer session.
Katya: We want the audience to get to know us, rather than just watch the dancing. Couples will be able to dance and there will be a competition
Pasha: It will interactive and the winners will get to dance with us
Katya: We will use local dancers through out the country and this will give them chance to showcase their skills in the hometown

Will you be both back on Strictly?
Katya: Hopefully, we want to do the next tour, have a holiday and then hopefully Strictly once again. But we also are working on P&O Cruises


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