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G*Mania (Tour - Manchester)

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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As a self-confessed Gleek, I went to G*Mania with exceedingly high expectations. The idea of former reality stars singing all of the very best songs from the cheesiest TV series around seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, that was precisely the case.

In terms of performance, the production is nothing less than shabby. Terrible costumes, no set to grab your attention and a basic lighting rig prove just how low-budget the show is.

Although, for the majority of the performance, the singing is exemplary, the dancing frequently has you cringing in embarrassment. Basic step digs and ‘try hard’ punches in the air leave you feeling sorry at the fact that preparatory dancers could probably do a better job. 

On the upside, nonetheless, Emma Soraya Beard (ex- Popstars: The Rivals contestant) and Trevor Francis (2008 Last Choir Standing finalist) steal the limelight with their blow-away voices.

Furthermore, the harmonic duet of Wicked’s "Defying Gravity" between Beard and Kimberley Southwick (X Factor 2007) is a stunning adaptation that is enough to take your breath away.

Some of the mistakes that were made could have been forgiven had it been classified as an amateur production. However, at £25.75-£29.75 a ticket, careless errors, such as sound issues with microphones and lights coming up when props are still being moved, are just not acceptable.

If you were watching a group of people battling it out on Sing Star, then it would be one impressive competition.

Probably best, therefore, to buy the CD, and keep your fingers firmly crossed that the official Glee tour in June will provide you with high class cheese and far more gloss and sheen for your buck.

- Rebecca Cohen.

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