London-based inclusive theatre company Chickenshed will be sending four of its members abroad next week to host a theatre workshop geared towards Russian children. The foursome are running an Inclusive Theatre presentation - funded by the European Union - at the British Embassy in Moscow on Friday 27 February.

In partnership with Taganka Children’s Fund, Chickenshed is aiming to develop a Children’s and Youth Theatre group centred in Russia’s capital city. Following the establishment of an already successful St. Petersburg group called ShedEvrika, Chickenshed hopes to create a Moscow based outlet for underprivileged and socially excluded children to feel a part of mainstream leisure, education and community living.

For this project, Chickenshed - who hold a 35 year history of pioneering inclusive theatre - is combining efforts with Taganka Children’s Fund, which is a charity for disadvantaged youth and single parent families in the Taganka District of Moscow. Chickenshed plans to continue their efforts abroad through a number of exchange visits with the artistic team of Taganka Shed, who hope to offer continued inclusive theatre workshops.

- by Katie Blemler