Geoff Saunders is the author of Ring Ring, which makes up a part of the play Love Bytes, being performed at The Spaces at the Old Surgeon's Hall at this year’s Fringe.

When was Ring Ring last performed?

It was actually performed for the first time by Castaway as part of the Arundel Theatre Trail last year and I'm pleased to say that both the play and production were much admired! At the end of the run the director, Kathy Haigh, asked me if I'd mind if they took the show to Edinburgh this year, to which my answer went something like “Oh, all right then ...” This time around the cast is slightly different, but the production is still a delight.

How would you describe the play?

Well, it's an autumn romance, with new love springing up between two people in their fifties. They rediscover all the angst that they felt in their teenage romances, and turn to their friends for help, as did their younger counterparts.

It's also a comedy of miscommunication, with telephone technology conspiring against the lovers at every step; as almost the entire play takes place over the phone. Ring Ring is frothy. It's daft. But it has heart, and I'm pleased to say that several people have told me the feelings ring very true for them.

Is the play based on your own experience?

I think that it's hard to write anything that doesn't reflect what you feel or think or have experienced. I have been appalled by my own behaviour in romantic situations, seeing my supposedly sensible mind turned inside out by unanswered telephone calls and agonies over ‘should I call?’ I have, also, been the 'helpful friend on the telephone' when friends have had emotional crises and have made a few 'you'll never guess what has happened ...?' calls as well. So, yes, Ring Ring has roots in my own life experiences.

Love Bytes is running at The Spaces at Old Surgeon's Hall, 6-14 August at 15.05