The Theatre By The Lake in Keswick never shy away from a challenge and their next Studio piece offers audiences and the cast just that, as they present Frank McGuinness's compelling Someone Who'll Watch Over Me.

We follow three hostages together in a cell, chained. Trapped in a constant dialogue with each other, they bicker, they bond and mutual respect turns to a form of love. To battle boredom and insanity and ultimately to stay alive, they must keep their brains active…

A story of determination and imagination, of friendship and laughter, and of the strength of the human spirit.This thought-provoking, moving and darkly funny piece of theatre plays in the TBL Studio next month and contains strong language, sexual references and adult themes.

The piece stars Peter Macqueen, Jack Power and Matthew Vaughan and is directed by Mary Papadima with lighting by [Jo Dawson, and sound by Matt Hall.

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me is at the Theatre By The Lake Studio in Keswick from 5 August - 11 November.