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Superstar blog: Semi-final time

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After yesterday’s high drama and frankly really cringe-worthy banter/shouting, I decided to blog in a different way tonight. Tomorrow is the final and I’m on holiday so the blog will be in the capable hands of Kieran Johnson.

In the meantime, let’s take a look back at the highs and lows of Superstar before I update you with current events.

So, what went right and which bits didn’t really work?

The best elements:

1. Melanie C
Even during tweetgate, this straight talking judge praised the guy. She doesn’t seem too keen to pander to what producers want from her. Her constructive criticism has been useful and she clearly works hard behind the scenes. More honesty would be forthcoming I’m sure if she wasn’t in Jesus Christ Superstar. But overall, Melanie has been a great judge.

2. Jason Donovan
He has taken the show seriously and again, has delivered some strong words to the contestants. He is not as personable as Melanie but he has done far better than anyone imagined.

3. The guest stars
This section has worked to a degree but they need to interact with the contestants more. It only really works if the guest mentors the wannabe musical stars, otherwise it’s all about their new single and nothing else. Gary Barlow was the best guest as he worked with the stars.

The worst:

1. The Scheduling
I’m away from Wed for two weeks but did not have the full schedule as it was very hush hush and I know I’ve said it before but a Wed final? Also, not having the show on for a number of weeks means there’s no time for viewers to earn any loyalty towards the show. Not only that, it’s exhausting for the guys who are performing, which explains their relief when they are booted.

2. Dawn French
I love this woman but not here. All of the tattoo/Roger stuff is embarrassing. She seems too keen to tow the party line also. Everyone loves a lone judge who will give praise where it’s due but she seems like the Lord’s puppet.

3. The Lord
He’s bored with the whole concept and it shows. His spat with Nathan was embarrassing television. I have sat watching this man’s musicals and agree with people who say he knows who’s right and wrong for the part. But don’t pretend the power is with the people then because it never is. Work behind the scenes but don’t judge any more.

4. Amanda Holden
Graham Norton is missed daily. He could deliver the Jesus puns with his tongue in his cheek. Amanda forgets the guys' names and does not deliver irony well. She is not well directed either – to be fair - as the show often changed course more than the plot of The Dark Knight Rises.

5. The songs
Say no more but more musical theatre please.

6. Viewer fatigue
Has it set in with these shows?

7. The Channel
The Beeb handled these shows so much better. They fit auntie like a glove, here on ITV everything has been X Factored.

8. No real straight talking lone judge
I missed Sheila Hancock but anyone who has read these blogs already knows that!

So back to tonight – who went home and who’s in the final?

Rory and David were in the sing off and Rory was saved. Clearly it’s about the singing, not the acting then?

Good luck to the contestants in tomorrow’s final and to all the other hopefuls who took part. It’s been um….. interesting but the guys taking part have worked hard night after night as the show has careered out of control several times. Yet they have remained professionals.

So, to the final – good luck to everyone taking part and keep reading as one more report to come before we wave goodbye to Jesus and all his followers. Thanks for reading and for the comments.

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