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Reality TV Casting for Jade Goody Musical???

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It’s surely got to be one of the most bizarre examples of “art” imitating life. Reality TV made the late Jade Goody one of the UK’s most recognisable faces, and now there are plans to use reality TV to find another “ordinary girl” to play her a new musical based on her life.

Goody’s former business partner Danny Hayward is the man behind the project, Jade Goody: The Musical, which, all going to plan, will hit the stage within the next four months, capitalising on the continued media and public interest surrounding the Big Brother star’s battle with cervical cancer, which ended when she died, at the age of 27, on 22 March 2009.

He aims to cast the title role via open auditions on a reality TV casting programme that would “repeat history” and turn another unknown woman into a tabloid headline-grabber. Hayward has said in interviews: “Jade was just an ordinary girl and the person who plays her will reflect that.” He added that the bio-musical, which he started developing after Goody’s death, was a fitting tribute because “her dream as a little girl was to be in a musical so obviously, when she passed away, it felt fitting to do something like this”.


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