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Fringe actor's screams cause neighbours to call police?

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Every actor wants their performance to be convincing. But Zara Tempest-Walters felt the downside to a pitch-perfect performance when her rehearsal screams were so convincing that neighbours called the police, convinced she was being attacked.

According to the Evening Standard, neighbours who overheard Tempest-Walters rehearsing Theatre503's forthcoming Life for Beginners dialled 999 and summoned police to the theatre within minutes.

A Scotland Yard spokesman was reported to have said: "We were contacted by a member of the public reporting screams coming from the premises. Officers attended and established nothing untoward was taking place."

Tempest-Walters explained the scene caused by saying, "Eva (her character) is a teenager with rage issues and in the final scene everything pours out. It's a really emotional moment and by the end I was giving it my all.

"I'm really sorry if I scared people, but at least it's good to know my performance is believable."


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