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Brief Encounter with ... Katy Secombe

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Katy Secombe, daughter of popular entertainer Harry Secombe, plays the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella the Midnight Princess, which runs at the Rose Theatre, Kingston until 6 January.

Why should people come and see Cinderella this Christmas?
People should come and see Cinderella the Midnight Princess because it has something to offer everyone. It is of course, the classic fairy tale that we all know and love but this version by Charles Way is written with great wit. It's clever, funny, very moving and very good fun!

How have you found working with Rachel Kavanaugh?
I have worked with Rachel Kavanaugh before and it's always a pleasure! We did The Music Man together at Chichester Festival Theatre back in 2009.  It's been lovely to have the opportunity to work together again.

What's your take on the Fairy Godmother?
My take on the Fairy Godmother is a little less fairy and a little more WI member! She is a very busy woman with a lot of magic to do and takes no prisoners! I like to think of her as very 'keep calm and carry on' practical.

Did your Dad encourage you to go into the business?
My Dad was not surprised when I told him I was going to be an actress. I think he had resigned himself to that when I was about four and playing the naughty little angel in the Christmas primary school play! He was thrilled that I was doing something I loved. He didn't mind what any of my brothers and sisters did as long as we did our best.

What were Christmases like growing up?
Christmas as a child was a lot of fun. We often went on lovely beach holidays where Father Christmas would turn up on a speedboat! When I was very young, Dad would dress up as Santa, but I was never convinced. Dad was great to have around at any time of year. He always made me laugh.

How will you be celebrating this Christmas?
This Christmas I will be a little bit busy with the show, but I am not too far from home so it will be a fairly quiet family affair.  We will be drinking a lot of champagne hopefully and I will try not to burn the turkey!


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