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Best of This Week's Theatre Blogs - 16 Apr 2010

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Can twitter be theatre? This week the RSC launched Such Tweet Sorrow, a twitter take on Romeo and Juliet, and Annals of the Edinburgh Stage considered both the audience for this project and the impact of it for theatre.

There was new work of a slightly different kind as Forest Fringe reflected on the experiences of holding their first micro-festival at the BAC whilst in America the Huntington Theatre Blog put forward the case for why new writing matters.

Elsewhere there was a look at some of the problems - as well as the fun - of sitting in an audience as Cailin Cymraeg blogged about an experience of a drunken audience member and the consequences of this for enjoyment of the production.

Finally, the West Yorkshire Playhouse continued to blog about their forthcoming production of The Count of Monte Cristo, giving us a insight into the fit-up for the show.

Annals of the Edinburgh Stage - Such Tweeting Sorrow
But it is the live element which will differentiate it as theatre. We've been promised that real-time events will impinge on the story line and the mixing in of events like the election should feel a lot less clunky than they do in soaps – which takes it up to base one in terms of liveness.”

Forest Fringe – Some Reviews of Forest Fringe at BAC
“People approached all the work and artists with a sense of wanting to understand what they were trying out and why. I loved the atmosphere in the building both nights - the excitement, the conversations that I heard floating round the building.”

Huntington Theatre Blog – Expanding Ideas of New Work
“The pleasure of experiencing a new play is very different from the pleasure of experiencing an older play and I think everyone has their Goldilocks point: this theatre has too many new plays, this theatre has too few, and we’re all looking for the one that gets the balance just right.”

Cailin Cymraeg – Theatre Outing Take 1
“Why do people think it’s acceptable to go to the theatre off their faces then make everyone around them feel uncomfortable?”

West Yorkshire Playhouse Blog – The Fit Up For The Count of Monte Cristo
“The set has to make its way from our workshop to the stage and that’s not to mention the amount of lighting that has to be rigged and tested.”


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