Aladdin (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Slipping (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Northern Broadsides production nominated for UK Theatre Awards 2014
Roundelay (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
The Boy Who Fell into A Book (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Cox & Box – Mrs Bouncer's Legacy (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Summer Season at Scarborough
The Last Train to Scarborough (Stephen Joseph Theatre)
The Hoarder (Tour – Stephen Joseph Theatre)
The Memory of Water (Tour – Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Brief Encounter With … Hull Truck's artistic director Mark Babych
An August Bank Holiday Lark (Tour – Viaduct Theatre)
Barrie Rutter on An August Bank Holiday Lark: 'I didn't want it to be a case of everyone goes to the trenches and dies'
We Will Be Free! (Tour – Harrogate Theatre)
Yorkshire dates for Townsend Productions' We Will Be Free!
The Schoolmistress (Scarborough)
Beauty and the Beast – A Space Adventure! (Scarborough)
Laughton (Scarborough)
Farcicals (Scarborough)
Arrivals and Departures (Scarborough)
Muddy Cows (Scarborough)