About This Show

A performance which incorporates live music, sound, movement and film to explore European history since the outbreak of World War I. The Guardian?s Kate Connolly spoke to artist and composer Heiner Goebbels about what audiences can expect from Everything that happened and would happen. From bombsites to Usain Bolt: Manchester relives 100 years of war and peace He is famous for overloading the stage with vivid, unsettling images – and his monumental new show aims to encompass an entire century. Why are audiences being told to wear sturdy shoes? “Dancers in black jumpsuits twist and turn through hundreds of delicate beams of light. They reach up from their prison cells to clasp at daylight and bound about nervously on all fours. Then they morph into figures pumping iron in a gym, before becoming first world war soldiers in trenches going over the top.”

World Premiere. This indescribable new work takes place in Mayfield, an atmospheric former railway depot near Piccadilly Station aimed at surprising the audience as much as Heiner himself through extraordinary visuals and sounds.

Manchester International Festival. This event takes place at Mayfield Railway Depot (near Piccadilly Station)

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: 10 October 2018 Final Performance: 21 October 2018

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