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Benjamin Lay – shepherd, sailor, prophet, and the British Empire’s first revolutionary abolitionist – returns from the grave 300 years after his death, as feisty and unpredictable as ever. “Little David”, a dwarf four feet tall, confronts the Goliath of slavery once again as he pleads to be readmitted into the Quaker community that has disowned him and who still believe him to be a danger. “Trembling at the edge of playing God himself”, how far will Benjamin go as he stares down his accusers?World Premiere. Continuing a unique decade-long collaboration between multi-award-winning playwright Naomi Wallace and multi-award-winning historian Marcus Rediker, and featuring acclaimed American actor Mark Povinelli, The Return of Benjamin Lay sweeps across the centuries in a bold exploration of an utterly impossible man.

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Dates: First Preview: 13 June 2023 Final Performance: 08 July 2023