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Edmund, Lord Blackadder is (usually) a favourite at court with Queen Elizabeth the 1st, but as often as not the path of his life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil’s own Satanic herd. With rivals for the Queen’s affections like Sir Walter Raleigh and Lord Melchett always trying to undermine him, with indescribably stupid friends and servants like Lord Percy and Baldrick trying to help him (which usually makes things worse), with constant money troubles, and with the Queen’s ever changing moods to contend with, poor Edmund does not have an easy life. Elements from several episodes of the original series have been woven together into a complete play, including his disastrous attempts at exploring on board Captain Rum’s ship; his romance with “Bob”; his exuberant friend Lord Flashheart; his problems with money; and the visit from his puritanical Aunt and Uncle just when he needs to win a drinking competition. What is Bob’s secret? How handsome is Lord Flashheart? Who’s stupidest – Percy, Baldrick or Nursie? And what’s so funny about a turnip? To find out, don’t miss “Blackadder: The Elizabethan Years”. Queenie says it’s going to be super scrummy!

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Dates: First Preview: 16 August 2024 Final Performance: 17 August 2024
Location: The Festival Theatre at Hever Castle, Hever

Hever CastleEdenbridge,



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