About This Show

After each of us spending years in different bands we all came together in 2019 and released a promo video in 2020… then covid struck; since then we have been busy rehearsing and fine tuning an eclectic set of songs that feature vocals heavily; each member of the band is an experienced musician in their own right with some classical training lurking in the background; as a unit we gel well and strive for perfection in every song we do, taking on challenging numbers that most bands would shy away from. We’ve tried to pick songs that represent what we like as well as what audiences will like but we haven’t gone for the traditional songs that every band seems to play, that’s one of the things that makes us unique along with the fact that we have four strong vocals and we can all harmonise creating a strong, solid sound. As well as playing covers we also have within the band a very fine songwriter in his own right in the guise of Martin Whittaker, check him out on Soundcloud; we hope, in time to be able to introduce some of his original compositions into our set.

Show Details

Dates: One Night Only: 18 March 2022


Denver Thirwell guitar/vocals
Martin Whittaker guitar/keyboard/vocals
Nik Hill drums/vocals


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