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A single glove in the street, A pair of shoes hanging from a telephone wire, A torn up love letter in a Metro carriage, A phone box that rings as you walk past… You see their work – but you never see them. So subtle you might not even notice. Snags in the fabric of everyday life. Objects, moments, the seeds of stories, the odd little things you come across every day that make you think: what’s going on there…? We invite you to take a privileged look behind the secret doors of The Department of Corrections & Clari cations. Informally known by its staff as The Department of Distractions, they plant stories in the world to make life more interesting. Or so they say. But not long ago, a story they started got out of hand. They lost control of it. That story about the missing Traf c and Travel Announcer – you probably saw it in the paper – well they thought they were telling that story. Now they’re not so sure…

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Running Time: 1hr 15min (0 intermissions)
Dates: One Night Only: 10 March 2020
Location: Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

Bradninch PlaceGandy Street,



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